• Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
  • Ultralight backpack WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
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Ultralight backpack Agilist 2024

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Ultralight backpack that is ideal for multi-day treks, alpine crossings, thru-hikes, mountain hikes and more. High quality, durable & lightweight materials are paired with high quality workmanship. From hikers for hikers!

54 liters ideal für Thru-Hikes, Alpenüberquerungen & Trekking
ab 437 g Eigengewicht
Unisex Modell. Passt Frauen & Männern
6 Außentaschen – inkl. schnell erreichbarer Eingrifftasche
Rückenpolster gibt Stabilität & Struktur
Hauptmaterial aus 100% recyceltem Polyester
100% fair in Deutschland produziert


the Ultralight Backpack

New for the 2024 model:

  • Main material made of 100% recycled & very durable X-Pac RX15
  • all outer pockets made of extremely tear-resistant & elastic Ultra Stretch
  • back and improved: pocket under the front pocket with access from the top
  • Shoulder strap pocket made of 4-way stretch mesh - even more elastic
  • Shoulder strap - webbing and waist belt made of PP (Polyproplyen) - slipping in wet conditions is prevented!
  • optional shoulder strap pocket with zipper now with elastic front pocket

  • Total volume of about 54 liters (including all external pockets).
  • very large & tear resistant front pocket - with buckle for fixation
  • Slip pocket under the front pocket - accessible with attached backpack
  • large elastic side pockets that can be accessed while hiking
  • elastic shoulder bag made of very elastic stretch - reachable for right hand
  • easily accessible bottom pocket, with large opening for the right hand - made of robust & elastic Ultra Stretch
  • Back padding provides stability and gives thebackpack structure - removable
  • thick padded & tear resistant shoulder straps
  • Unisex S Shape Shoulder Straps - Fits Women & Men
  • Load-lifters improve wearing comfort and adaptability of the wearing position
  • resistant thanks to high-quality materials
  • highly water repellent thanks to waterproof materials
  • High quality and durable polyamide & polypr0pylene webbing throughout
  • recommended maximum load: 12 kg
  • waist belt made of very durable 38 mm polypropylene webbing - removable
  • adjustable chest strap made of 20 mm wide webbing. Fix sewn to prevent losing
  • rolltop closure
  • side compression straps & elastic cords over front pocket
  • Cord loops to attach trekking poles. Also suitable for folding poles of any length
  • What you get:
    • 1 x WeitLäufer Agilist 2024
    • 2 x elastic cords f. Trekking poles etc.
    • Compression cord
    • 1 x chest strap
    • 1 x hip belt
  • Zippered shoulder and hip belt pockets available as an option




Volume Total:  54 liters
Volume main compartment:  40 liters
Volume side pockets:  5 litres
Volume front pocket:  7 liters
Volume side pocket:  1 litre
Volume bottom pocket:  1 litre


Weight backpack alone:
incl. chest strap & shoulder bag, without removable components
437 g
Weight hip belt: 64 g
Weight back upholstery
(52 x 24 x 1 cm):
37 g
Maximum weight:
(depending on configuration)
548 g

Since these are handmade individual pieces, the weights can vary slightly. 


average loading condition (H x W x D)
55 x 28 x 17 cm
max. recommended gearload 12 kg
max. packing height: 73 cm
min. Packing height:
depending on the selected back length
40 - 51 cm
max. hip belt circumference: 127 cm



Material front part, roll top: X-PAC RX15 - 150 Denier - 100% recycled
Material side pockets, front pocket, side pocket, bottom pocket: ECOPAK Ultra Stretch
Material shoulder bag: 4-Way Stretch
Material back part & bottom: X-Pac VX21
Material inside pocket: 40D Ripstop Nylon
Shoulder pad material: 3D Mesh 3 mm & 10 mm EVA Foam & Gridstop Nylon

Further information about the materials of the Ultralight Backpack can be found in the material lexicon of Weitläufer .

Note: Even though a combination of ultralight and resistant materials has been chosen, this is still an ultralight backpack. That is, prudent and careful handling increase its life considerably.


the Ultralight Backpack

New for 2024 is the reintroduction of the elastic slip pocket, as it was often missed on the 2023 model. It is accessible with the backpack on and offers space for gloves, headlamp, water filter, snacks, sunglasses, etc.. Elastic, accessible from the top and secured by cord so that things are prevented from falling out.

The elastic and large front pocket is suitable for rain jacket, fleece jacket, provisions, headlamp, water filter, etc.. So you can easily get to all the things you want to reach quickly while hiking. In addition, it is made of the same durable Ultra Strerch as all outer pockets on the front and is therefore particularly durable. On the elastic cord that goes over the front pocket, wet clothes such as: Socks or T-shirts can be dried.

Practical is the elastic bottom pocket, with large opening for the right hand. There snacks, gloves or even an ultra-light rain skirt find its place. On the left side of the bottom pocket is a small, further opening to quickly stow a snack wrap or a handkerchief.

The elastic shoulder strap pocket offers space for smartphone, snacks or the 0.5L water bottle. Made this time it is made of very elastic 4-way stretch. The shoulder bag is located on the left side and thus provides access for the right hand. A shoulder bag with zipper for the right side can be optionally dazubestellt.

Both side pockets have deep access points to quickly grab the water bottle when the climb was again particularly sweaty. They are also made of the elastic Ultra Stretch and offer space for two 1 liter water bottles as well as gloves, glasses case, etc.. With a total volume of about 54 liters, the Agilist is suitable for multi-day hikes with light luggage, as well as for several months of trekking tours, alpine crossings or Thruhikes. The Agilist is closed via a roll closure. Thus, the volume of the main compartment can be varied and the ultralight backpack can also be adapted to a smaller load.

In the inner pocket of the Agilist sits a padding of PE foam that gives the backpack stability and structure. The padding can also be used to complement a short sleeping pad. Nevertheless, the backpack should be packed compactly and fully to achieve maximum comfort! With ultralight luggage, this padding is not absolutely necessary and can therefore also be easily removed. Also removable is the hip belt. In the minimum configuration, without the removable components, the ultralight backpack thus weighs only about 437 grams.


Rated 4,8 out of 5
4,8 von 5 Sternen (basierend auf 4 Bewertungen)
Very good25%

Rated 5,0 out of 5
August 15, 2023

Finally I had vacation and opportunity to run the Agilist larger. Previously, I had the Agilist already fully integrated into my everyday life, he just hung with the backpacks and has quickly overtaken all. I love the patch pocket on the back, which is not a "mini-highlight", which is the clever-thought-out detail that you miss on other backpacks, if you put on another time. Cap, scarf, currently mouth-nose protection, keys on the hook, cycling gloves all loosely accessible and safely stowed. My cell phone has moved into the shoulder strap pocket, feels very comfortable there. As far as known and now confirmed in the long-term test. Now I had considered a 150km route as a march through (no sleep, no camp, yet campkram for safety).

1.with you: sleeping bag, mattress, tarp and some change of clothes, provisions. Everything stowed away casually. Here I have to say that most synthetic sleeping bags probably take a lot of space and are difficult to get in from the compression bag dimensions. But that is a well-known synthetic fibre problem. What has been shown out in the open:

2nd boy is the backpack comfortable! Had the rucksack on my back for 36 hours, almost 30 hours in a row, and then wouldn't let me take it off! The Agilist sits like a second spine. Sounds crazy with a backpack without frame? But it is. If you know how to use your straps, belts and load-lifter and have already packed a backpack you can look forward to this feeling of taking the backpack on and standing "lighter". The belt guide and the attachment point on the backpack stabilize the shoulder girdle and allow a good radius of action of the arms and free pole use. In addition, the chest strap follows every breathing movement dynamically and offers no resistance, even without elastic bands. However this works, I almost don't care, because especially with very long or high loads this is a gamechanger for the positive. The hip belt made of webbing is surprisingly comfortable even after many hours and wet and doesn't chafe (I know completely different, from Deuter hip belts with two-piece padding I had open places on my hip bones). This hip belt fits easily. The weight can be brought well on the pelvis and the back is well relieved.

2. I walked about 16h in rain and fog, packed a towel in the top of my backpack in case something did go through. Nothing! Unbelievable. None of my other backpacks (see previous mail) would have held this without an additional rain cover. Sure, the mesh pockets outside were soaked, but there was only my "toilet set" and later on already wet change clothes.

3. the biggest surprise was the shoulder strap and hip pocket. Everybody knows that they get full in the rain on every backpack at some point, the best thing is to keep the water in the bottom... What can I say, I'm smoking and had cigarette papers in my hip pocket. If the pack gets wet, smoking is the end of it, everyone sticks together. When the rain stopped, I took a break and started smoking. Completely dry. That was the surprise. My cell phone is waterproof, so I didn't think anything would happen. It remains: the Agilist is an absolutely rainproof backpack without any compromises.

4. as expected, water bottles were easy to reach and store. Had 2x 0.75l and 1x 1.0l plus Sawyer Squeezefilter on the sides, always easy to reach and stable. At first I had the impression that the bags could not be deep enough, but it is exactly the right height. Where otherwise sometimes annoying fiddling and pressing is necessary, here it is much easier to get the bottle out of the bag while walking. And at no time anything wobbled there or was even in danger to fall out. Even the grip on the "back" of the two small bottles was targeted and easy. The pockets are tight enough that even with far-reaching pole movements to the back the arms or the pole cannot reach the bottles. Even with uneven weight distribution (only one bottle filled) the backpack does not "pull" conspicuously to the side. Whoever packs with the spirit level will have his fun.

5. the backpack does not crunch! Anyone who has ever had a heavier backpack on their back and creaking from the shoulder straps in their ear knows what I mean. Annoying! The Agilist on the other hand is a silent companion. Nice to meet you.

6. the large top opening allows easy access to everything in the backpack, even with the clip closed, you can quickly reach the topmost items in the rain and thus minimize water penetration. Great. The only downside here: I personally like additional zipper access to the main compartment from the side or bottom, so I can set up camp in the rain without having to take out half of my backpack. Besides, I simply like to get to all places in the backpack quickly. Is of course some additional weight and a question of taste

8. in the meantime the backpack has certainly gone 250km on foot (jogging and hiking) and almost 100km on the bike to work and shows no wear at all. Really nothing, washed it could have arrived yesterday. But as a through-hiker I give my final verdict on the durability after 1500km. High-put, but so far everything looks like the Agilist is going to take it easy.

9. the gear loops keep poles firmly in place. Unfortunately I'm not flexible/skilled enough to get my poles on and off without taking the backpack off, so when I have a break from poling I usually carry the poles in my hand because I don't like to take the backpack to the front when running. But this is the case with all backpacks. Therefore, one thing remains: the loops do their job solidly and are easy to handle even when wet and with cold fingers.

Conclusion: Anyone who has ever run/hiked/run 100km+ at a stretch knows that man and material reach their limits. Not the agilist. He just does his job even in hour 30+! Fantastic ... A strong companion to all weather conditions (snow + frost are not yet tested). My answer to the question: which backpack would you recommend for a hike 50km+ is thus set: Weitläufer Agilist! In addition, the price-performance ratio must be simply emphasized again in the recommendation. The price is incredible for such a high-end product from a small manufacturer! If you are considering buying a Deuter 60+ backpack or an Osprey 55+ in the 150-200€ price segment, you must also take the Weitläufer into consideration and will certainly choose a Weitläufer upon closer inspection.

Verified purchase
Rated 5,0 out of 5
September 13, 2020

Dear Weitläuferteam,

I finally got to test my Agilist last week on a 2-day mountain trip. I am so excited that I decided to inform you directly about how great I find the backpack! It really is super comfortable to wear, even on my very bony, anatomically poorly padded shoulders. The division of the outer compartments is super practical and perfectly thought out on the road, the processing really fine and neat. It wasa real pleasure to be on the road with the backpack and I'm really looking forward to the next tour!

Verified purchase
Rated 4,0 out of 5
June 6, 2020

Wanted to give a little feedback here times, because I have tested the backpack now on an 11-day tour through the Belgian Ardennes.Was with a total weight of 10kg usually (sometimes for some hours max.12kg) on the road (with food water, etc.) and am more than satisfied.Have never had so little shoulder pain as with this backpack and back problems none at all, which was unfortunately the case with my previous backpacks.

The big elastic front pocket is mega practical, because you can quickly put things in and take them out again and to be on the safe side regarding humidity, I put the Dry Bag from Zpacks in it to keep the most important things definitely dry. I got a lot of rain on 2 days and even the things that are not waiting in the Dry Bag and were in the top of the backpack stayed dry.

So from my side a big thumbs up for this very successful product and assume that I will order the 20l model in summer (for my day trips)

Verified purchase
Rated 5,0 out of 5
August 30, 2019

The backpack arrived safely with me yesterday. First of all, many thanks that it went so quickly. The first impression is great and the processing in any case very sublime. I'm totally thrilled and look forward to take in the next weekend with me in the Alps.

If everything goes smoothly for me and it delivers what it promises, it will also beon the PCT in two years.

Verified purchase

Questions & Answers
Ultralight backpack

What exactly is an ultra light backpack?

An ultra-light backpack is a minimalist trekking backpack. It is comparable to conventional hiking backpacks, but it does not require a heavy carrying frame. Nevertheless, it has most of the features of conventional trekking packs: One large main compartment, several outside pockets and padded shoulder straps. Nevertheless, ultra-light backpacks often weigh only a fraction of their classic brothers.

More information about Ultralight Backpacks can be found in this detailed article.

Does the agilist have a frame system?

Ultralight backpacks rarely have a carrying system. Because the contents give the backpack the necessary stability. It is therefore important to pack ultra-light backpacks compactly and full! Half full these backpacks do not reach their optimal wearing comfort. In order to give the WeitLäufer backpacks a light structure with less content, the inner pocket of the Agilist contains a light frame in the form of a removable foam padding. This way the weight is better transferred to the hip belt and your back is nicely padded.

Up to how many kg can I load the Agilist?

The recommended maximum carrying weight of the backpack is about 12 kilograms. More weight is in an ultralight backpack over time simply no longer comfortable to wear. The basic weight of your equipment is therefore ideally around 5 kg. You can find an ultralight trekking packing list here . Nevertheless, after a resupply, larger loads can be carried for a short time. Structurally, the backpack can withstand loads of well over 15 kg. But whether the weight is then still comfortable to carry over longer distances, is an individual question.

What size fits best for my height?

The Weitläufer backpacks are available in three different back lengths. Small, medium and large. Who does not know his size, gets here information on how to measure your backlenght. Because backpacks are only comfortable to carry if they fit your body.

Warum hat der Agilist kein belüftetes Rückenteil?

Das man beim Wandern mit dem Rucksack nach einer gewissen Zeit und Intensität am Rücken anfängt zu schwitzen ist ganz normal. Wir haben uns bei der Konstruktion des Agilist auch bewusst gegen eine belüftete Rückenpartie entschieden, da diese entgegen dem minimalistischen Grundgedanken unserer ultraleichten Ausrüstung steht und wir den Rucksack so leicht wie möglich halten wollen. Zudem fängt man nach unserer Erfahrung bei warmen Temperaturen und bei anstrengenden Wanderungen auch unter einer belüfteten Rückenpartie irgendwann zu schwitzen an. Daher haben wir uns für die aktuelle Kontaktrücken Konstruktion entschieden.

Mich persönlich stört das schwitzen am Rücken während dem Wandern nicht. Ich versuche den Rucksack aber in den Pausen mit dem Rückenteil in die Sonne zu stellen, um die Feuchtigkeit zu trocknen.

How do I pack an ultralight backpack?

A common prejudice regarding ultralight backpacks is the seemingly limited wearing comfort. However, this prejudice can be quickly refuted, because the wearing comfort of a backpack always depends on the correct packing method. This is even more noticeable with an ultralight backpack compared to a conventional trekking backpack.

If you follow these packing tips, you'll find that your ultralight backpack is extremely comfortable to carry on your shoulders:

  • Light objects down.
  • Heavy objects should be placed close to the body
  • Medium weight equipment should come to the top.
  • Avoid excessive blank space (10-20% is sufficient)
  • Lace equipment should not be placed in close proximity to the back.
  • Compress the backpack well after packing.

In this way, even an ultralight backpack will be extremely comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time and long distances. In addition, many models of ultralight backpacks, despite their light weight, have thickly padded shoulder straps that can easily withstand heavier loads.

Does the Agilist have a waist belt?

Yes, the Agilist is delivered with a robust hip belt made of 38 mm wide safety strap. More is usually not necessary for an ultralight backpack.

Is the agilist waterproof?

Although the body of the Agilist is made of waterproof and robust X-Pac RX15 3-layer laminate as standard, it can still not be called completely waterproof. Because by sewing, small holes are poked into the material. In several hours of rain, water can thus get through these holes inside.

Since sealing is too time-consuming and costly, it is not done. Nevertheless, the Agilist withstands rain and water better than most other hiking backpacks. Thus, the high-quality X-Pac material protects well against rain and moisture. But the X-Pac backpack is still not 100% waterproof.

To fully waterproof the contents, the use of a backpack liner or dry bags is recommended.

Where can I put my camera on the Agilist

Compact cameras can be securely stowed in the optional shoulder or waist belt pockets. These are designed to fit cameras the size of a Sony RX100 without any problems. Most current smartphones also fit in these pockets. Larger cameras such as system or DSLR cameras are easiest to attach to the hip belt using a special camera bag. However, this requires at least 40mm wide loops on the respective camera bag.

Alternatively, the CaptureClip from PeakDesign fit easily on both shoulder straps. This is the most comfortable way to attach a DSLR or system camera.

Does the Agilist have hip belt pockets?

The backpack has no hip belt pockets ex works. However, ultralight belt pockets can be ordered, which can be pushed and fixed onto the 38 mm wide hip belt. Information about hip belt bags can be found here.

Additional information

weight 0,9 kg
Size 18 × 30 × 60 cm
Back length

Small ~ body height approx. up to 168 cm, Medium ~ body height approx. 168 - 188 cm, Large ~ body height approx. > 188 cm


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