• Hip belt bag WeitLäufer 2022
  • Hip belt bag WeitLäufer 2022
  • Hip belt bag WeitLäufer 2022
  • Hip belt bag WeitLäufer 2022
  • Hip belt bag WeitLäufer 2022
  • Hip belt bag WeitLäufer 2022

Hip belt bag


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This practical hip belt bag is not only ultra-lightweight at 25 grams each, but also highly water-repellent. Smartphone, compact camera, snacks, sunglasses, buff, etc. fit easily inside and are super quick to reach. In terms of dimensions, most modern smartphones and cameras with the dimensions of a Sony RX100 camera fit in the shoulder strap bag.

Suitable for all backpacks and hip belts from Weitläufer.

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To attach the hip belt bag to your backpack, first remove the clip of the respective hip belt from the loop on the backpack. The hip belt can then be pushed through the elastic loops on the back of the bag. Now you just have to hook the clip back into the matching strap loop at the back of the rucksack and close it. There you go.




  • with 25 g ultra-light hip belt bag
  • easy and quick to install
  • Offers space for current smartphones plus snacks or a small compact camera
  • high-quality YKK zipper
  • highly water-repellent, as made of waterproof material(not waterproof!)
  • made of durable X-Pac VX21
  • inner key clip
  • small loops on the left and right allow fixation to the backpack



Weight: 25 g
Dimensions: 17,5 x 9 x 5 cm
Hip belt passage: 45 mm



Main material: X-Pac VX21
Zipper: YKK 3C

If you are looking for further information on the material used, you will find detailed answers in the Weitläufermaterial lexicon.

Note: Although a combination of ultra-light and durable materials has been chosen, this is still an ultra-light product. This means that careful and careful handling considerably increases its service life.

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