• Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
  • Ultralight touring backpack WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024

Touring backpack Minimalist


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Ultralight touring backpack that is ideal for multi-day hut hikes, snowshoeing, pilgrimages and ultralight overnighters & weekend trips with UL trekking gear.

tear-resistant X-Pac RX15 as the main material - 100% recycled
30 liters ideal for hut trips, overnighters & day trips
S-shaped shoulder straps with 2 elastic shoulder pockets
a total of 5 elastic outer pockets
back padding provides stability & structure
backpack 100% produced in Germany

Status: in production - expected to be available for order in October/November 2023


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of the touring backpack

  • S-shaped shoulder straps - stable on the body even at faster gaits
  • 2 elastic shoulder strap pockets made of durable Ultra Stretch
  • 2 variably adjustable chest straps - removable
  • 2 large elasticated front pockets that can be accessed with the backpack attached
  • Total volume of about 28 - 30 litres (including all outer pockets)
  • removable back pad provides stability and gives structure to the backpack
  • elastic bottom pocket made of very tear resistant Ultra Stretch
  • highly water resistant
  • resistant thanks to very high quality materials
  • High quality and robust 20 mm polyamide webbing throughout
  • Recommended load: 8 - 10 kg (our subjective comfort limit)
  • 25 mm hip belt. Removable
  • rolltop closure
  • transverse compression cords
  • 2 large cord loops to attach trekking poles. Also suitable for small folding poles
  • What you get:
    • 1 x WeitLäufer Minimalist 2024
    • 2 x elastic cord loops for trekking poles etc.
    • 1 x compression cord
    • 2 x chest strap
    • 1 x hip belt
    • 2 x elastic shoulder strap pocket
  • Hip belt pockets optionally available




Volume Total: ~ 30 litres
Volume main compartment: 20 - 25 litres
Volume outside pockets: 4 litres
Volume bottom pocket: 1,5 litres
Volume per shoulder bag 0,5 litre


Weight backpack alone:
incl. shoulder bags, without removable components
340 g (exact weight to be determined)
Weight per chest strap: 12 g
Weight hip belt: 40 g
Weight back padding
(52 x 22 x 1 cm):
32 g

Since these are handmade individual pieces, the weights can vary slightly. 


average loading condition (H x W x D)
52 x 25 x 19 cm
max. recommended gearload 8 - 10 kg
max. packing height: 66 cm
min. Packing height
depending on the selected back length
40 - 51 cm
max. hip belt circumference: 125 cm

Back length

Back length Body height* Backpack size
40 - 43 cm  ~ up to 168 cm Small
43 - 53 cm ~ 168 - 190 cm Medium

*Recommendations on body size based on our experience



Main Material & Roll Top: X-Pac RX15 - 150 Denier - 100% Recycled
Material back section:  X-Pac V21 black
Material side, bottom pockets: elastic Ultra Stretch
Material inside pocket: 40D Ripstop Nylon
Shoulder pad material: 3D mesh 6 mm
Material shoulder strap pockets elastic 4-way stretch

Further information about the materials of the touring backpack can be found in the material lexicoWeitläufern of .

Note: Although a combination of ultralight and durable materials has been chosen, this is still an ultralight backpack. This means that careful handling considerably increases its life span.


of the touring backpack

Completely new in the 2024 Minimalist is the main material. X-Pac RX15 from Dimension Polyant is a new high-tech laminate. With higher abrasion resistance and improved tear strength compared to X-Pac VX21, it weighs slightly less and is still 100% recycled PET bottles and could be produced 100% climate neutral.

The shape of the shoulder straps is based on those of trail running backpacks, allowing a more stable fit on the body. Made of 6mm spacer fabric, they are pleasantly thick padded. Two variably adjustable chest straps provide optimal support. An elastic shoulder pocket sits on each of these S-shaped shoulder straps, providing space for a smartphone, snacks or 0.5L water bottles. Made from the same tear-resistant Ultra Stretch of the bottom & side pockets. The elastic bottom pocket has a large opening for the right hand.

Both elasticated side pockets have deep access points to quickly grab a water bottle when the climb was particularly sweaty. Such larger water bottles fit easily into these. There is usually even room for other items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, mobile phone, etc. With a total volume of around 30 litres, the Minimalist is ideal for a multi-day hut tour, a snowshoe or ski day trip in winter, pilgrimages or even overnighters and weekender trips with ultra-light or super-ultralight luggage.

In the inner pocket of the Minimalist sits a padding of PE foam that gives the backpack stability and structure. The padding can also be used as a seat cushion during breaks or as a supplement to a short sleeping pad. Nevertheless, the backpack should be compact and fully packed for maximum comfort! With ultralight luggage, this padding is not absolutely necessary and can therefore also be easily removed. The hip belt is also removable, as are both chest straps. With minimal equipment, without the removable components, the touring backpack weighs about 340 grams.

Questions & Answers
to the ultralight touring backpack

Does the minimalist have a storage system?

Ultralight touring backpacks rarely have a conventional carrying system. However, this is not necessary due to the low volume and weight. The compact packed content gives the touring backpack its main stability and structure. To improve this even further, the WeitläuferMinimalist has a 1 cm thick foam padding inside. This means that the ultra-light weight is transferred even better to the hips and protects your back from pressure points.

Which size fits my body size best?

The Minimalist is offered in two different back lengths. Small & Medium. If you don't know your size, here's how to quickly and easily measure your Backpack back length measurement back length. Because backpacks can only be worn comfortably if they fit your body.

Note: With the Minimalist, the back length is less decisive than with the larger Agilist, as the load is absorbed more by the wide shoulder straps and the two chest straps. The narrow hip belt is more for support. Even I, as a 197 cm person, manage well with the size "medium"!

Does the touring backpack have a hip belt?

Yes, the Minimalist comes with a lightweight hip belt made of 25mm wide polyamide webbing. This is sufficient for stabilisation on the body and a light load transfer of the weight to the hips.


Additional information

weight 0.900 kg
Size 18 × 30 × 60 cm
Back length

Large ~ body height > 188 cm, Small ~ body height approx. up to 168 cm, Medium ~ body height approx. 168 - 190 cm